UXaudit.io is $79/month,
all inclusive

Not per person, not per test response, not per project, not per test or the length of the test, just $79/month for the
annual subscription.

No credit card required.

Subscription plans

Common questions

No, the USP of UXaudit.io is its FREE crowdsourced testing panel. Just create a test and start getting responses from your demographic target audience. We have thousands of testers who are available to test your designs and provide valuable insights.

No, be it 5 projects or 50 projects we do not charge you on the basis of number of projects or tests. The price remains the same. You will never be charged extra.

We do not ask for credit card information upfront. You can anytime upgrade whenever you want. If you want to continue after the trial, you can go to your billings section and do a secure checkout with Paypal (for all world users except India) and with PayUMoney (for users in India).

We'll give you the extra time you require. Just let us know by dropping us a line at rick@uxaudit.io and we'll happily extend your trial.

There is no minimum contract for using UXaudit.io - cancel anytime by dropping us an email at rick@uxaudit.io and we will cancel your subscription without any penalty or hassle. If you had prepaid for the year, we'll refund the amount for remaining subscription months.

Payments are processed through Paypal (for worldwide users except India) and PayUMoney (for users in India). It accepts secure payments with Visa, Mastercards and AMEX. For users in India there are more options available like wallets, UPI, net banking etc. If you are struck contact us for more details.

Yes we do. Drop us an email on rick@uxaudit.io with the supporting documents and we will guide you through getting a subscription plan for upto 50% discount.

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Be in the company of users from the leading & pioneer design led organisations of the world. Do not feel left behind and make smart data driven design decisions.

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