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Difference between customer service and customer experience

Which matters more to a business?

- Rick, UXaudit.io
20th March 2018

Customer experience (CX)
It is a most determined term for any business. The term customer experience is exactly standing about the perception of the customer has for your brand. Even if you think that your brand and customer both are one thing. But it can also be possible that customer perceives it completely different, this is what actually customer experience is.
customer experience
For example -You may think that you have very high-quality services and good customer experience, but if a customer did not get services on time that problem isn't resolved, their perception of your company becomes lower quality then becomes the reality.
focussed customer experience
According to research stats "Gartner predict that by 2018, more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovation." According to him those companies which implemented customer experience surveys to know customers well and analyze their feedback. It is a great start to meeting your customer expectations.

Customer Service Vs Customer Experience
Customer experience is about all the interaction between customers has with a business and its services or products. It can be customer's perception of a company and it is a most valuable aspect of a company. Because managing this aspect should be a top priority of the company which eventually results in good customer experience.

Customer service is about all the communication between the customer and a business. The way a company interacts with customers like assisting, advising, providing solutions and other aspects, during and after buying or using its services or products. However, with increases the number of interactions, things are not so simple anymore. But by taking care of all these aspects will definitely result in good customer service which eventually leads a 'Happy Customer…. :)'

Good customer experience is not just about providing good customer services, but customer service is merely a part of good customer experience. Which gives us…what exactly is the difference between customer service and CX?

Difference between Customer service and CX
Customer service is about only one part of the overall customer experience. Both CX and customer service are not far apart from each other, in fact, Customer experience is proactive while customer service is reactive.
difference between customer experience and customer service
For instance
Customer service reactive means - it can only happen when a customer is dissatisfied with the company during or after sales services. The business can only take action once something wrong, and not beforehand.

On the other hand, Customer Experience is Proactive; a business can take action to analyze the customer journey before the customer becomes dissatisfied. CX is an end to end/ whole approach that goes beyond the customer service and takes into account the overall customer journey by building a long-term relationship with customers.
With this I hope you would have got an overview of usability testing and all the peculiarities involved. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for your time and feel free to add your comments below and let me know your thoughts about this article.

Author: Rick from UXuadit.io


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