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Not per person, not per test response, not per project, not per test or the length of the test, it's totally FREE

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No, the USP of UXaudit.io is its FREE crowdsourced testing panel. Just create a test and start getting responses from your demographic target audience. We have thousands of testers who are available to test your designs and provide valuable insights.

No, be it 5 projects or 50 projects we do not charge you on the basis of number of projects or tests. It would always be FREE

It's completely FREE. There is no trial period. No terms and conditions attached.

For the common good of design and making internet more usable. We empower designers to prove their point with data which no one can argue with. Hence less compromised designs go into production.

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Be in the company of users from the leading & pioneer design led organisations of the world. Do not feel left behind and make smart data driven design decisions.