Prototype Testing

Want to test the navigation of your website or app? Already have a prototype made in Invision, marvel or sketch? Try this test. (Coming soon)

Prototype Testing

Quick, Simple & Efficient Usability Testing

Just 3 steps and you are good to go...

Create a Prototype test in any project

Are your users perceiving your designs the way you intended them to? Optimise the conversion rates of your applications using navigation tests. 

Configure test and upload designs

Upload your design images which you want to test and set the instructions for your testers who take your test. You can also utilise your existing third party prototypes with a web URL. We capture their responses for you.

Publish test and get results

Preview your configured test and if you are satisfied, publish your test and get participants to take your test through numerous inbuilt ways. See the magic of usability testing and settle all design debates using the test data collected.

Join the best in class

Be in the company of users from the leading & pioneer design led organisations of the world. Do not feel left behind and make smart data driven design decisions.