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Test your product in design phase and save on the cost of shipping a bad design.
Here's is your chance to get it FREE for first year.

User testing with UXaudit.io

User videos with
usability metrics

Qualitative usability metrics while watching your users using your product prototype in the design phase itself.

User testing with
intelligent analytics

Delivers the best user behaviour insights & usability problems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learnability tests for the first time

Usability tests are incomplete without understanding the user learning curve for your product feature. A usability study about learnability is therefore a must to do.

Integrations like never before

Its integrated with the tools where the action is: JIRA, Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Marvel and many more...

With a proprietory algorithm to quantify each test with a

uxaudit score

Our proprietory algorithm powered by artifical intelligence and machine learning would score each test on a scale of 1-100 on the basis of which you can smartly take a design decision which is not biased with any human opinion.
'In God we trust, for everything else we have DATA'

Why to invest in user testing?

You should not only invest in user testing, but should invest early to reduce your support costs.
It is 100x cheaper for your UX team to fix a design flaw early in the design phase than fixing it after launch. Here is how much you would loose to fix a flaw in each stage of product development







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